I'm Gonz šŸ‘‹

I'm obsessed about helping more people start more companies.

Currently Iā€™m the VP of Marketing and Growth and a Partner at On Deck, a company slash venture fund that helps people start and scale companies, find their next role or accelerate their careers.
I spend a big chunk of my time trying to understand technology. I do that by writing Seedtable, a weekly newsletter on European tech read by 17,000 founders, investors and operators, and talking to people who are smarter than me on my podcast.

My work has been featured in major publications like Wired, MSNBC, Sifted, the Venture Stories podcast, Not Optional and Atomico's State of European Tech.

I do some (small) angel investing in companies like Valuebase, Cal.com, Talently, Vital and Awari and help founders with brand and go-to-market. You can find me on Twitter.